Scoring Pattern

Sr. No. Characteristic Scores: 0 to 4 (Code)
0 (A1) 1 (B2) 2 (C3) 3 (D4) 4 (E5)
1 Size group of operational holding of land Nil Less than 1 ha. of un-irrigated land (or less than 0.5 ha. of irrigated land) 1 ha.-2 ha. of un-irrigated land (or 0.5- ha. of irrigated land) 2 ha. -5 ha. of un-irrigated land (or 1.0-2.5 ha. of irrigated land) More than 5 ha. of un-irrigated land (or 2.5-ha. of irrigated land)
2 Type of house Houseless Kutcha Semi-pucca pucca Urban type
3 Average availability of normal wear clothing (per person in pieces) Less than 2 2 or more, but less than 4 4 or more, but less than 6 6 or more, but less than 10 10 or more
4 Food Security Less than one square meal per day for major part of the year Normally, one square meal per day, but less than one square meal occasionally One square meal per day throughout the year Two square meals per day, with occasional shortage Enough food throughout the year
5 Sanitation Open defecation Group latrine with irregular water supply Group latrine with regular water supply clean group latrine with regular water supply and regular sweeper Private latrine
6 Ownership of consumer * durables : Do you own (tick ()) Nil Any One Two items only Any three or all items All items and/or Ownership of any one **
7 Literacy status of the highest literate adult Illiterate Upto primary (Class V) Completed secondary (Passed Class X) Graduate / Professional Diploma Post Graduate/Professional Graduate
8 Status of the Household Labour Force Bonded Labour Female & Child Labour Only adult females & no child labour Adults males only Others
9 Means of livelihood Casual labour Subsistence Cultivation Artisan Salary Others
10 Status of children (5-14 years) [any child] Not going to School@ and working Going to School@ and working Going to School@ and NOT working
11 Type of indebtedness For daily consumption purposes from informal sources For production purpose from informal sources For other purpose from informal sources Borrowing only from Insitutional Agencies No indebtedness and possess assets
12 Reason for migration from household Casual work Seasonal Employment Other forms of livelihood Non-migrant Other purposes
13 Preference of Assistance Wages Employment Self Employment Training and Skill Upgradation Housing Loan / Subsidy more than Rs. one lakhs or no assistance
* B/W TV, Electric Fan, Pressure Cooker, Radio.
** Telephone, Fridge, Colour TV, Computer, 2/3 Wheeler, LMV, Tractor etc.
@ including Non formal Education.
Note : The Total Score for a household will vary between 0 and 52.